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Junior Kindergarten at Page Academy

Page's Junior Kindergarten Program provides children with a strong foundation that not only builds on the preschool program, but also helps prepare the child for a successful kindergarten experience. Our well-balanced curriculum provides for academic advancement and developmental growth. Our Junior Kindergartners learn to use strategies of phonics by identifying sounds and relating them to word structures. Phonics, language, and writing development go hand-in-hand as children explore the writing process. In our mathematics program, students learn not only identification and written recognition of numerals but also the basic concepts of addition and subtraction. Upon exiting our Prekindergarten program, students will have completed a Kindergarten curriculum in phonics, math and handwriting. Our technology program is also an integral part of our prekindergarten program. They are taught terminology, care of the computers and software, and the appropriate use of the main keys. The children have access to creative and age appropriate educational programs that support our educational philosophies and goals.

At Page Academy's Junior Kindergarten program, each student will complete a Kindergarten level math book, phonics book, and handwriting book, in addition to working daily on large and fine motor skills, zoo phonics, dramatic play, and science. Each day, you will receive a "Daily Report" letting you know how your child's day was.  It will encompass everything from lunch, nap, play, technology time, and what they learned that day at school.  Additionally, you will receive an actual report card each quarter, letting you know how your child is progressing through our program.  We also have the Daycarewebwatch camera system installed in each of our Early Childhood classrooms, so that you can see how your Junior Kindergarten student is doing while he or she is learning throughout the day.