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Infant & Toddler Program

Located At Our Newport Mesa Campus


At the Newport Mesa Campus, each of our infant, crawler, and toddler rooms are bright and fun, but also developmentally and educationally appropriate. The caring and loving staff made me want to take both of my sons to school each day. I wanted my children in a place that I knew he would be happy and loved, while also being sure that his caregiver worked with his specific and individual developmental milestones.


Daycare Web Watch

Leaving your young child is hard at any age. This is why we installed the Daycare Web Watch System. Daycare Web Watch is a live, secure video feed that goes straight to my work computer. I have the utmost confidence that our students are happy, safe, and loved. Daycare Web Watch is also a true gift to grandparents and other relatives around the world.


I truly believe that Page has the best infant and toddler care center in Orange County, however, if there is anything that you feel that we could improve on, I welcome your feedback. I’m a school administrator, but I’m also a mommy, and anything that you can recommend to improve our children’s experience is welcome. I can be reached at or at 949.642.0411.


Kristin Dickson 

Head of School