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Get Ready for an Exciting March at Page

March 08, 2018
By Page Academy

Spring is finally here and at Page Academy, that means it is re-enrollment season!! We love re-enrollment season because not only do we get to commit to another school year with our current students, but also we get to see our family grow with new student enrollment. If your student has a sibling that is ready to further their education make an appointment with the office to discuss all opportunities for your child by March 16. 


In addition, we have a very exciting event going on for our returning students tonight, March 8. Our re-enrollment night for current families is a great opportunity to meet the other students in your child's next class. Our students love these nights because they get to see their friends and get excited about progressing to the next grade. Parents, you will get to gain familiarity with the curriculum for the next grade. In addition, we will discuss the extracurricular activities that will be available for your student in the next year. We look forward to seeing all of our returning families tonight!



March is a busy month for us at Page with all the re-enrollment activities, but we still want to make sure that we make time for our heart health. This Friday, March 9, come hang out with us at our Jump Rope for Heart Event at the Beverly Hills Campus!! Students get to enjoy a day filled with fun activities that promote a healthy heart and healthy eating habits. Here at Page, we strive to lead by example for our students. We want them to see how fun it is to lead a healthy life!! 


Lastly, Page is very excited to announce that we are setting up a new, fully equipped STEM/STEAM classroom. Students will have the opportunity to work in this classroom as enrichment for their science, technology, engineering, and math classes. We are so excited to provide this opportunity to these young minds and cannot wait to see the impact it has on their learning. 

 Remember to Mark this on your Calender this March:

 Field Trip to the Natural History Museum Friday, March 23


$20.00 in cash or check payable to Page Academy

The Natural History Museum of LA County is the largest natural and historical museum in the western United States. Its collections include nearly 35 million specimens and artifacts and cover 4.5 billion years of history. Sign up early as space is limited. Also, please wear your green field trip shirts when you attend. 





This February at Page Academy

February 23, 2018
By Page Academy

Page Academy has had a very eventful February! Our students are enjoying many invigorating activities that spark their minds to learn more about their health and the world around them. This month all campuses are celebrating Black History Month, President's Day, and American Heart Health Month. In addition to our students participated in a science fair where they explored various topics of their choosing. Many of our students are also working on some great hands on science labs this month. As we head into the remaining weeks of February, our students will be enjoying enrichment activities celebrating President's Day. 

Both our Hancock Park and Newport Mesa campuses have been providing wonderful assemblies focused on heart and dental health. Our students have been able to learn more about their bodies and the importance of being mindful of their health at a young age. At Hancock Park, the students enjoyed a Dental Health Assembly by Children's Dental FunZone where they were given great demonstrations on teeth cleaning, gum health, and flossing. In addition, the students learned about why it is so important to take regular trips to the dentist. The students were captivated by the wonderful presentation not only by the information but also because everything was demonstrated on adorable stuffed animals. After the presentation, all of the students received goodie bags full of products to help them practice all of the skills they learned at home. 

In addition, since February is American Heart Health Month, all of our campuses enjoyed a Jump Rope for Heart assembly. In order to celebrate American Heart Health, and teach our students about the importance of caring for your heart at a young age, Jump Rope for Heart came out to teach our students about nutrition and exercise so help keep their hearts in perfect shape. Our students learned how following a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables and how being active can help them live long, healthy lives. In addition, all of our campuses are participating in a promotion to raise money for the American Heart Association. Students and parent can donate to the cause by visiting 

Our students also blended their creativity with science by participating in the science fair. Students created a vast variety of science projects that focused on topics they were interested in. One student researched different brands of dog food, and why her dog would enjoy one brand over another. Other students created projects about outer-space, plants, water PH content, and so much more. The creativity of their projects was inspiring.

Our 5th graders this month are learning about water transport. During their lab time, they participated in an experiment with celery that allowed for the students to see first hand how water is transported within plants. Our 4th-grade students also had a great lab this month learning about the food web. In order to see the importance of the food web, our students dissected owl pellets to discover what the owl consumed the night before. They were thrilled to discover such amazing things during their dissection.

Upcoming for the remainder of February, students at all campuses will be enjoying enrichment days in order to celebrate President's Day. Starting February 20-23, all classes will be focused on past and present presidents. Also, students get to express their creativity with a week of free dress and no uniforms!

Regular instruction resumes on February 26 at all campuses, where we will continue to celebrate Black History Month, and continue promoting heart health. We are looking forward to a great rest of February!







100 Days Wiser

February 07, 2018
By Page Academy

Page Academy students are officially past the 100-day mark in the school calendar and they could not be more excited. To celebrate the occasion the Hancock Park Campus put together a fun day of 100 themed activities for the students. The students not only had an amazing time but also were able to boost their creativity in the process.

On Monday, January 22, the students all arrived on campus ready to celebrate in their themed costumes. Since it was the 100th day of school, the students dressed up as if they were 100 years old! The students really put a lot of effort into these amazing costumes, and the results could not be more adorable. Not only were their costumes hilarious, the students were also amazing actors, walking around with canes and fully assuming the roles of 100-year-old people.

Throughout the school day, various other 100 themed activities were planned for the students to enjoy. One of these activities was a writing game where the students wrote a bucket list for all of the things they wanted to do before they turned 100. Their lists included different people they want to meet, places they want to go, and things they want to make sure they do before they grow old.

The students also spent a lot of the day working on craft projects that went with the 100 theme as well. Some students made 100th Day monster drawings while others worked on building a bridge made with 100 Popsicle sticks.

The 100th Day of School was a very eventful and exciting day for all members of the Hancock Park campus community.  The students had an amazing time partaking in the event, and parents and teachers all enjoyed watching the student’s creativity churn. Our students and campus are now 100 days smarter, wiser, and older! Happy 100th day of school Page Academy, we are already looking forward to the adventures next year’s festivities will bring.


Summer, School, and a Year of Possibilities

August 25, 2017
By admin

I love summer!  That final graduation trophy is handed out at our commencement ceremony, the junior kindergarten students receive their first Page Academy pins, and summertime is finally here!  Students are covered in sunscreen and chlorine during that first week, the pool is in full use, and the students are all smiles in their free dress attire.  

During Summer, many of us allow our kids to sleep in that extra 30-minutes in the morning, and stay up an equal amount of time past their bedtime.  Some of us are extra lax on electronics as a new Minecraft world is created and Poke balls are of extreme importance to our kids of summer.  Before you know it, the routine is completely off.  Thirty-minutes of sleeping in quickly becomes 60-minutes, and staying up to watch the last part the newly released Boss Baby becomes the norm.  Oh how we parents long for the days of school to be back.

Finally!!  It's here!!!  Hooray!!!  Up early for school with a healthy breakfast in our students stomachs, and early to bed for the next day to begin.  Lockers are filled with the latest gadgets and new backpacks fill the halls.  Some students have the same teachers they had last year, while others are learning where to turn in classwork in their new room, but nonetheless, it is an exciting time for our students.

It is a new year of possibilities!!  A year for us to see amazing growth in our students.  Our transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students will begin reading and spelling tests.  Our first and second graders will gain great growth in reading comprehension, while our third graders are mastering multiplication tables!  Our fourth graders will come home with a voluminous amount of California history information while our fifth graders will master the US capitals.  And our middle schoolers...oh our how our middle schoolers will mystify us with their knowledge of science and math, all while they are becoming young adolescents reading young adult novels and understanding their deep meanings!

It is a year of possibilities!!  And before I know it, it will be mid-June 2018, and I will be back to saying, "I LOVE SUMMER!!!"

Ms. Kristin

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