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Delicious, Nutritious, Convenient


The Cater Tots chef and dietitian have put together a menu that is healthy, tasty, and visually appealing. Traditional items such as salads, Italian hoagie sandwiches, roasted chicken legs, BBQ chicken sliders, football chicken nuggets, new wave hummus wrap will be offered alongside pho rice noodle soup, beef enchiladas, shepherd’s pie, and fun treats. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be offered with every lunch. Cater Tots will source high-quality ingredients and infuse healthy options into kid-appealing meals, while procuring locally sourced organic items when available. All meals are prepared fresh each day right here in Santa Ana, and are transported in warming cabinets to ensure meals are hot when served. 


Cater Tots allows you to place orders for a day, a week, a month, or up to 9 a.m. the business day prior to service.

You can also plan lunches for the entire month. A simple log-on site with an easy-to-read menu, no service charge, and easy credit card payment system makes ordering a snap. Go to to place an order by credit card.

Families must first set-up a parent account using the initial school code (PAGE47), which will assign you to the right school for service.  Once the parent account is initiated, child accounts may be created and the ordering begins!  

Order deadlines:

New Order                  --  by 9:00am the business day prior to service

Change an order          --  by 9:00am the business day prior to service

Cancel an order           --  by 9:00am the business day prior to service

Same-day Illness         --  Call or email by 8:00am  for half credit



New temperature-sustaining “Bento Box” style containers with your child’s name displayed provides for quick and easy pick up (boxes are recyclable). 


Cater Tots will bring Page Private School into the new food movement, increasing quality and choice while keeping costs reasonable. Lunches will be offered at two price points: $4.80 (junior meal and drink) and $5.65 (regular meal and drink).