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FOR 2018-2019


(Sibling Discount 15%) 

  • Junior Kindergarten:  $18,150
  • Early Childhood:  $1,650/month
  • Early Childhood Part-Time Rate (3 full days or 5 half days):  $1,150/month

Enrollment Fees:

  • Application Fee:  $100
  • Enrollment Fee:  $1,000
  • Sibling Enrollment:  $250
  • International Visa (I-20) Issuance:  $750
  • Summer Only Enrollment:  $100
  • Annual Re-Enrollment:  $400
  • Optional Tuition Assurance:  $400


Optional - Lunch Fees:

  • Lunch Prices:  Entree + Fruit $7.75 / Al a Carte from $4.50+

Curriculum, uniform, monthly field trips & additional program participation fees will vary according to each student and course work.  For more information about additional incurred costs, please call the Admissions Office at (323)272-3429.



Page Academy offers the following payment plans to its families:

Standard Annual Schedule:  A payment of 100% of the annual tuition minus $400 due on August 1st. 

Standard Semi-Annual Schedule: A payment of 50% of the annual tuition minus $100 due on August 1st & December 1st.

Alternative Schedule:  An eleven-month payment plan through Page Academy with the first payment due August 1st and the last payment due June 1st.  This plan pays tuition through the academic year ending June 15, 2019.

Page Academy accepts tuition payment by credit card & online payment.