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Transitional Kindergarten (TK) at Page Academy is a full day program. Our TK students will be working with a mix of Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten curriculum. Students will have English language arts, math, science/STEAM, social studies, exploration, Spanish, music, art, physical education, and computers/technology. The students will spend much time working in whole groups, small groups, and individually. They will also spend time in centers in their classroom.

TK students will be assessed regularly to see if they will be moving on to Kindergarten next year, or if they are ready for First grade. Typically, TK programs advance students into Kindergarten, however, we anticipate that some students will be ready for First grade by the end of the TK year.

At Page, the TK students are part of the elementary community. They will have morning assembly with the elementary students and wear uniforms as well. The students will have special teachers for Spanish, music, art, PE, and computers/technology. We know that they are still young, so they will still be napping each day. They will begin the year napping for a longer period of time, and as the year goes on, the nap time will decrease.

We are very excited about our TK program here at Page, and hope that you have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about the program with someone on our dedicated staff.