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Elementary Curriculum

Our Elementary Program combines traditional academics and tried-and-true educational philosophies with modern research and tools. For nearly 100 years, the School's vision has been preparing our students of today for the challenges of tomorrow through individual attention. Page strives for educational excellence through a balance of academic, character development, physical education, fine arts, Spanish, organizational skills, and technology that lead to independent well-rounded citizens. Students are guided throughout the program to think critically and cultivate thinking skills. Through our nurturing well-qualified staff, our students are educated at their instructional level.

Reading/Phonics/Language Arts

Phonics is the bases of the curriculum and blends appropriate literature, language, and writing skills into a comprehensive program of study. These genres enhance comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and higher level thinking skills. Creative expression, grammar, punctuation, journal writing, dictation, and challenging spelling units develop the learner's ability to articulate thoughts and ideas.


The Page math Program begins with basic concepts that move students to the more complex development of skills. Teachers use both concrete and abstract materials, based on the instructional level of the learner. Numeric associations, problem solving and the selection of appropriate operational choices, conceptual understanding, daily practice of facts, and memorization are essential to students.


Scientific exploration, guided lessons, and basic experimentation are the keys to discovery. Students engage in collecting, manipulating, and using data while developing appropriate scientific vocabulary and procedures. Students explore cause-and-effect relationships as they develop an understanding of the scientific method.

Social Studies and History

The Social Studies curriculum begins with family and peers and continues through geographical and historical facts of the state, country, and the world. The program develops an appreciation of similarities and differences of individuals and cultures.

Physical Education

The Page Physical Education Curriculum combines cardio-vascular exercise, sports and personal fitness. The school's physical environment has been thoughtfully developed with the student's need to be outdoors at the very forethought. Included in this program is an on-site swimming.

Foreign Language

Spanish is introduced in Kindergarten and continues sequentially throughout the grades giving the learner a wonderful opportunity to develop vocabulary, grammar, oral and writing skills, along with an awareness of similarities and differences of clothing, foods, and customs.

Fine Arts

All children participate in the fine arts program that encourages the development of the whole child through varied experiences. Hands-on activities and exploration of the great artisans of the past and present are introduced and investigated. Art activities may include drawing, pottery, painting, sculpture, and history. The general music program includes simple rhythmus, chords, songs, and musical instruments.

Character Development

Nearly 100 years ago, Page School was founded on strong principals where our motto and code of ethics is: “GROWTH WITH HONOR.” The School's goal is to promote self-discipline, responsibility, and respect that carries forward from the school community into the world. Each student is encouraged to do his or her best and are positively reinforced though a leveling awards program that may encompass not only academic achievement, sportsmanship, and citizenship; but also, school service, athletics, and improvement in any area of the school community.

Media Center/Library

The Media Center or library is the hub of the school where investigations of research, book reports, and story telling are running rampant! The media center houses thousands of books in a specially prepared environment that encourages reading and exploration. Books and materials are cataloged though a state-of the art library program to ease checkout and checkin for even our younger children.


Page has been a pioneer in the use of technology as an educational tool for our students and staff for well over twenty years when we introduced the first computers to our learners. In the 21st century, our students have increased opportunities to use technology as tools for research, composition, and problem solving. From the primary department where keyboarding, word processing, and spreadsheets are integrated within the curriculum to video and multi-media PowerPoint presentations, upper elementary students are introduced to multiple subject areas in the computer world.