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For over 109 years, Page Academy’s innovative learning community has inspired students to academic and personal excellence, providing them with strong educational roots that stand the test of time. Page Academy engages hearts and minds, enabling students to achieve more than they think possible and to confidently take an active role in this ever changing world.

Teachers at Page Academy are committed to continued growth and development. Utilizing the strategies of Accelerative Learning, developed by ICAL, Page Academy teachers are able to aide students in acquiring the resources, the inner strength, the subtle skills, and the clear vision in order to trigger excitement in learning and to ensure extraordinary results.

At Page Academy, we believe that you are never to young to learn. That is why we begin teaching our students as young as six-weeks old (at our Newport Mesa Campus), and two-years old (at our Hancock Park and Beverly Hills Campus). Transitional Kindergarten students all the way through our eighth graders will participate Project Based Learning utilizing traditional teaching methodologies and Accelerative Learning techniques. Students at Page are engaged in the learning process, however, each student is unique in how they learn. That is why we make every educational experience an individual one for each student.

Page Academy students attend some of the most prestigious high schools and universities across the United States. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our graduates.